shellac manicure:

a super shiny & durable gel polish manicure. includes nail preparation and cuticle work. lasts 2+ weeks.

36   shellac manicure (45 mins)
36   re shellac manicure

optional nail art includes cuticle dots, metallic foil & glitter accent nail.

44   shellac w/ custom nail art (60 mins)
44   re shellac w/ custom nail art 

includes negative space, geometric & minimal designs.


52   shellac w/ detailed nail art (75mins)
52   re shellac w/ detailed nail art          

a detailed nail art design of your choice.


60   shellac w/ specialised nail art  (90 mins)
60   re shellac w/ specialised nail art

an hour and a half with our incredibly talented nail artists. please feel free to email us any inspirational images & designs prior to your appointment.


add ons:

5   gel polish removal (applied by another salon)
5   shellac removal on toes 

4   full set of glitter added to shellac mani


shellac toes:

an express pedicure that involves cuticle work & application of shellac. does not include soaking of the feet & exfoliation.

36   shellac toes (45mins)
36   re shellac toes 


please note* please have any previously applied acrylic you have on your nails removed before your appointment as we do not use or remove any liquid and powder systems, including SNS, dip powders or products applied from NSS salons.

polish manicure:

a polish manicure that includes re-shaping & cuticle work.

28   polish manicure (45mins) 

removal & repairs (please call to book):

we offer complimentary nail repairs within 10 days.

15   shellac removal inc mini manicure
5     shellac repair
5     sculpted brisa gel enhancement            


gel enhancements:

cnd brisa gel enhancements – a wearable & flexible gel system used to lengthen the natural nail.

63   sculptured set of brisa gel (75mins)
71   sculptured set of brisa gel w/ custom nail art (90mins)
79   sculptured set of brisa gel w/ detailed nail art (105mins)

41   brisa gel maintenance (75mins)
49   brisa gel maintenance w/ custom nail art (90mins)
57   brisa gel maintenance w/ detailed nail art (105mins)

25   brisa gel removal (30mins)                                                
40   brisa gel removal w/ shellac manicure (45mins)


après gel x – a soft gel extension system, perfect to lengthen the nails for a one off special occasion.

48   après gel x: full set (75mins)
56   après gel x: full set w/ custom nail art (90mins)
64   après gel x: full set w/ detailed nail art (105mins)
72   après gel x: full set w/specialised nail art (120mins)

(a deposit may be required to book this appointment, please call to book.)

48   après gel x: removal & reapplication (75mins)
56   après gel x: removal & reapplication w/ custom nail art (90mins)
64   après gel x: removal & reapplication w/ detailed nail art (105mins)
40   après gel x: removal w/ shellac manicure (45mins)
25   apres gel x: removal & manicure (30mins)

nail art.

please refer to our highlights reel on instagram to get an idea of the required nail art appointment that is needed for your particular design, or feel free to get in touch if you are unsure. we leave it to our technicians discretion whether they can meet your expectations with regards to the level of detail in the design, within the appointment time that you have booked. we hope to fulfil your nail art dreams!



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